Internships and Careers

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The fields of Middle East and Islamic studies are more pertinent than ever before, and there is a plethora of resources available to you!

Use Available Resources

Many students don’t realize that Mason's Career Services office is one of the best resources on campus, and at your disposal! They can assist students with resume writing, interviewing practice, career exploration, and more - they'll even critique your handshake when introducing yourself!

Gain Experience

Gain experience by researching opportunies at your very fingertips including internships, externships and volunteer work.  Mason's proximity to Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas allow MEIS students to pursue a range of opportunities in organizations relevant to their field.  The Arab Studies Institute, a not for profit organization, is one of the excellent opportunities and affiliations the MEIS program has to offer.

Available Internships

MEIS 794 Internship: Course objectives/learning outcomes: Students will gain career-related experience in the field of Middle East and/or Islamic studies, adding an experiential dimension to the education they receive in the MA-MEIS program. Students will deepen their understanding of the Middle East and/or the Islamic world through engagement in real world applications of this knowledge in the governmental, nonprofit, or private sectors.

 Course requirements:

 · Institution in which internship is to be completed must be approved by the MEIS Director

· Students must complete I0hrs/week of internship work (or a total of 140 hrs. over the course of the semester)

· Students will be assigned to a faculty member in the MEIS program who will supervise their internship work through regular meetings throughout the semester.

· Upon completion of the internship, and before the end of the semester in which the internship credit will be given, students will complete a brief report detailing their work and accomplishments in the internship.

· The student's main supervisor at the internship site will complete and evaluation of the nature and quality of the student's internship work.

Forms and Documents

· Internship Application

· Internship Timesheet

· Internship Evaluations