Middle East and Islamic Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


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  • Amal Amireh

    Amal Amireh

    Associate Professor

    middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

  • Veliye Ay

    Veliye Ay

    Center Turkish Lecturer


  • Shaul Bakhash

    Shaul Bakhash

    Robinson Professor

    Iran, modern Middle East, modern Islamic political thought

  • Lawrence E. Butler

    Lawrence E. Butler

    Associate Professor

    Medieval, Islamic, architecture

  • Ahsan Butt

    Ahsan Butt

    Assistant Professor

    Ethnicity and nationalism, international security, international relations theory, and South Asia


  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Islamic thought, Qur'anic Studies, Shi'ite and Sufi traditions, women's issues

  • Robert D. DeCaroli

    Robert D. DeCaroli


    Interactions of early South Asian Buddhism with popular religious practice, the origin of the Buddha image and the social, political, religious factors that led to its codification and spread

  • Leslie Dwyer

    Leslie Dwyer

    Assistant Professor


  • Nathaniel Greenberg

    Nathaniel Greenberg

    Assistant Professor

    Modern Arab intellectual history, film, literature, and media


  • Bassam S. Haddad

    Bassam S. Haddad


    Associate Professor

    Political Economy of Development, Violence and Terrorism and US Foreign Policy, Syria, Authoritarian Rule

  • Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Associate Professor

    Islamic history, Middle East, Women's Studies, Global history

  • Susan Hirsch

    Susan Hirsch


  • Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Assistant Professor

    Medical anthropology, Islam, aging and end-of-life care, Science and Technology Studies, gender, reproductive technologies, Middle East and North Africa and the United States


  • Mark N Katz

    Mark N Katz


    Russian foreign policy; transnational revolutionary movements


  • Peter Mandaville

    Peter Mandaville

    Professor of International Affairs

    Islam, globalization, development, international relations

  • Eric McGlinchey

    Eric McGlinchey

    Associate Professor

    Comparative politics, Central Asian regime change, political Islam, effects of information communication technology on state and society


  • John N Paden

    John N Paden

    Robinson Professor

    Relations between Muslim sub-cultures in Nigeria