Fall 2024

Check the course schedule for more details. Note course details are subject to change.

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  • Last Day to Drop with 100% Refund: September 9 

Core Courses

Alternative option for MEIS 500: Critical Issues and Debates in Middle East and Islamic Studies - GLOA 600: Global Competencies

  • GLOA 600: Global Competencies (CRN 76130), Wednesdays at 4:30pm to 7:10pm, Dr. Niklas Hultin, in-person Horizon Hall 4016
  • GLOA 600: Global Competencies (CRN 76885), Wednesdays at 4:30pm to 7:10pm, Dr. Andrea Zach, online

Methods Options

  • GLOA 605: Interdisciplinary Research Methods (CRN 74930), Wednesdays at 7:20pm to 10pm, Dr. Matthew West, in-person, Innovation Hall 330
  • GOVT 500: Scientific Method, Research Design (CRN 74772), Wednesdays at 4:30pm to 7:10pm, Dr. Jeremy Mayer, in-person, Arlington: Van Metre Hall 466
  • HIST 610: Study and Writing (CRN7 73782), Wednesdays at 4:30pm to 7:10pm, Dr. Michal Chang, in-person, Innovation Hall 316 
  • HIST 610: Study and Writing (CRN7 70046), Mondays at 7:20pm to 10pm, Dr. Joan Bristol, in-person, Peterson Hall 2408
  • SOCI 620: Methods/Logic Social Inquiry (CRN 73417), Thursday at 4:30pm to 7:10pm, Dr Johanna Bockman, in-person, Krug Hall 204


  • GLOA 615: Globalization and Human Rights
  • ANTH 599: Peoples and Cultures of India (more relevant to Islamic Studies) 
  • GGS 518: Geog North Africa/Middle East 
  • WMST 610: Feminist Research Method (if you would like to take the course as a methods course option, please reach out to Dr. Cortney Hughes Rinker at chughe13@gmu.edu for approval). 
  • GLOA 599: Transnational Sexualities*
  • GLOA 599: Global Social Thought*
  • GLOA 599: Human Sec, Globalization & Dev
  • GLOA 599: Transnatl Issues of Gndr & Race*
  • GLOA 599: Feminist Theories 

*Course Description 

If you come across a course that you are interested in that is not listed here, please reach out to meis@gmu.edu to receive approval to enroll.