Accelerated MA in Middle East and Islamic Studies


Accelerated Master's Programs Overview 

The interdisciplinary MA in Middle East and Islamic Studies offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences introduces students to the major issues and debates in the study of the Middle East, Islam and Muslim societies. Students study historical and contemporary topics as well as theory and methodology from both regional and global perspectives.

The express goal of this program is to situate the study of the Middle East and Islam within a globalized world. Accordingly, the curriculum covers topics of recent scholarly significance including the Arab Uprisings and transitions in the Middle East, new media, political Islam, the political economy of the Middle East, the relationship between “resource wars” and the “war on terrorism,” new diasporas and transnational Muslim communities in the "West," and the changed geopolitical environments of Muslim and Middle Eastern countries.

Highly qualified undergraduates pursuing a BA in select majors at George Mason University may apply to the accelerated master’s degree in Middle East and Islamic studies. This interdisciplinary graduate degree prepares students for a variety of post-graduate opportunities in academia, government, and an expanding job market for people with this expertise.

  • Provide a streamlined application process with no application fee.
  • Allows students to apply six graduate credits to their undergraduate degrees.
  • Students have the opportunity to take an additional six graduate credits to be held for reserve graduate credit (apply only to the graduate degree).
  • Can start graduate degrees with up to 12 credits earned while undergraduates.

Students admitted to an accelerated master’s degree program have the opportunity to complete both degrees in a reduced amount of time (sometimes within five years), and at a reduced cost.


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