Spring 2017 MA Outstanding Accomplishment Award Winning Graduate: Kylie Broderick

Spring 2017 MA Outstanding Accomplishment Award Winning Graduate

We are incredibly proud of our 2017 MA award-winning graduate and would like to spotlight her successes and accomplishments during her time at Mason. Read more about her stories below. 

Kylie Broderick

Kylie Broderick

Kylie graduates with a sense of gratefulness and pride in the impact of the lessons taught to her about both the Middle East and Islam, and for the educators who have instructed and guided her along the way. In particular, she wants to thank Dr. Sachedina, Dr. Yilmaz, and Dr. Haddad for always encouraging her to be a better scholar and ask deeper questions throughout her time here at George Mason. As someone who has always been interested in promoting  human rights and representative justice throughout her academic and personal pursuits, she couldn’t have asked for better mentors and instructors to teach her how to fight institutional bias. Thanks to MEIS, she’s also expanded her interest in including Islam in her work upon the politics and societies of the Middle East, and hopes to understand more beyond the veil of contemporary knowledge production on the subject. She looks forward to continuing to learn from her professors and mentors and work with them as she moves on to new academic pursuits and works to achieve her passions. In the meantime, she will continue to explore her hobbies in writing critically, reading, hiking, video gaming, and sailing. In all of this, she wants to thank her mom and her sister for always supporting her dreams and activities, for being her best friends, and for being awesome.


Kylie couldn’t have ended up at a better place for her personal and intellectual growth than George Mason. After she graduates, her plans revolve around the connections and experiences she established while at Mason: she will be working at the Arab Studies Institute as the managing editor of both Jadaliyya and Tadween, along with having fingers in the pot of many of ASI’s other projects. Simultaneously, she will be preparing to pursue a PhD soon in the future. She knows the skills, tools, and relationships she gained through MEIS will be instrumental in all of her future success.