Fall 2020

Before registering, go to Patriot Web to verify your registration time and to make sure you have a record free of holds that prevent registration. You can find a tutorial on how to find your registration time ticket in Patriot Web here. For help on how to register, see the registration guide.

For specific questions about a course, please reach out to the program or the instructor of the course. Check the course schedule in Patriot Web for more details on these courses. Note as an Accelerated Master student you cannot register for 700-level or above graduate courses.

For questions, email meis@gmu.edu.

Core Course(s)

  • RELI 644 - Islamic Texts and Contexts

Research Methods

  • GLOA 605-DL1, lnterdisciplnary Rsrch Methods
  • GLOA 605-DL2, lnterdisciplnary Rsrch Methods
  • GOVT 500, Scientific Method/Rsrch Design
  • HIST 610, Study and Writing of History
  • HIST 610, Study and Writing of History
  • SOCI 620, Methods/Logic Social Inquiry


  • RELIG 646, Islamic and Human Rights
  • POGO 750, Muslim American and US Politics