Fall 2021

Before registering, go to Patriot Web to verify your registration time and to make sure you have a record free of holds that prevent registration. You can find a tutorial on how to find your registration time ticket in Patriot Web here. For help on how to register, see the registration guide.

For specific questions about a course, please reach out directly to the program or the instructor. Check the course schedule for more details. Note course details are subject to change. Also, note as an Accelerated MA/BAM student you cannot register for graduate courses above the 700-level. 

For questions, please email meis@gmu.edu.

Core Courses

  • MEIS 500: Critical Issues/Debates MEIS
  • HIST 575: Approaches Mid East/Islam Hist
  • GOVT 632: Politics/Societies Middle East

Research Method Options

  • GLOA 605: Interdisciplinary Research Methods
  • GOVT 500: Scientific Method/Rsrch Design
  • HIST 610: Study and Writing of History
  • SOCI 620: Methods/Logic Social Inquiry


  • CONF 708: Identity and Conflict
  • CONF 653: Wrld Reli/Diplo/Conf Res
  • ENGH 665: Literature and Human Rights
  • FOLK 501: Advanced Introduction to Folklore and Folklife
  • GLOA 599: Myth, Magic, and Mind
  • GLOA 599: Regional Ethnography
  • GGS 518: Geog North Africa/Middle East
  • GOVT 632: Politics/Societies Middle East
  • MEIS 599: Issues in the Middle East, topic: Palestine/Israel: Politics, Policy and Debates
  • RELI 646: Islam and Human Rights
  • POGO 750: Russian and the Middle East