Middle East and Islamic Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


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  • Amal Amireh

    Amal Amireh

    Associate Professor

    Literature: middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

  • Veliye Ay

    Veliye Ay

    Center Turkish Lecturer


  • Shaul Bakhash

    Shaul Bakhash

    Robinson Professor

    Iran, modern Middle East, modern Islamic political thought

  • Lawrence E. Butler

    Lawrence E. Butler

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Medieval, Islamic, architecture

  • Ahsan Butt

    Ahsan Butt

    Assistant Professor

    Ethnicity and nationalism, international security, international relations theory, and South Asia


  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Associate Professor

    Islamic thought, Qur'anic Studies, Shi'ite and Sufi traditions, women's issues

  • Robert D. DeCaroli

    Robert D. DeCaroli

    Director of the MA Program in Art History


    Art History: Interactions of early South Asian Buddhism with popular religious practice, the origin of the Buddha image and the social, political, religious factors that led to its codification and spread

  • Leslie Dwyer

    Leslie Dwyer

    Assistant Professor



  • Bassam S. Haddad

    Bassam S. Haddad

    Associate Professor

    Political economy of development, violence and terrorism and US foreign policy, the triangular crisis area in the Middle East

  • Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Associate Professor

    World History: Islamic history, Middle East, Women's Studies, Global history

  • Susan  Hirsch

    Susan Hirsch


  • Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Assistant Professor

    Medical anthropology, Islam, aging and end-of-life care, Science and Technology Studies, gender, reproductive technologies, Middle East and North Africa and the United States


  • Mark N Katz

    Mark N Katz


    Russian foreign policy; transnational revolutionary movements


  • Peter Mandaville

    Peter Mandaville

    Professor of International Affairs

    Islam, globalization, development, international relations

  • Eric McGlinchey

    Eric McGlinchey

    Associate Professor

    Comparative politics, Central Asian regime change, political Islam, effects of information communication technology on state and society


  • John N Paden

    John N Paden

    Robinson Professor

    Relations between Muslim sub-cultures in Nigeria