Middle East and Islamic Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

MA Curriculum

Degree Requirements (2016-2017 Catalog Year)

Five core courses (15 credits)


Language proficiency

Prior to graduating, students must demonstrate professional competency in one of five major languages of the Middle East and Muslim world: Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, or Urdu.

Five elective courses (15 credits)

Students who choose to complete a research project or write a thesis take 3 or 6 fewer elective credits. 

In addition to the list below, elective courses may include special topics courses when relevant, directed readings and research, study abroad courses, internships, and other courses with the approval of the program director.


Optional Research Project (3 credits)

Students choosing to complete a research project take one of the following courses, and one less elective course.


Optional Thesis (6 credits)

Students who choose to write a thesis should be aware of the policies governing theses as stated in the Academic Policies section of this catalog. They must follow the thesis enrollment policy of the university and once enrolled in MEIS 799, maintain continuous enrollment.

Students choosing to complete a thesis take 6 fewer credits of elective.


Total: 30 credits

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